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Pivotal Tracker: SaaS


Pivotal Tracker provides a proven agile project management tool for delivering better products. With a shared view of priorities, a process that fosters collaboration, and robust tools to analyze progress. Tracker is the core of the modern software team’s workflow. This article will describe how Pivotal Tracker works and how to use it.


Getting Started

  1. Sign up for an unlimited 30-Day Free Trial (no credit card required) or click the link in a project invitation email to set your password and sign in.
  2. Click Create Project on the Dashboard and enter a name to create a new, empty project.
  3. Watch the video for an Intro Tour. For more video demos please visit the Tracker Help Center.

Important Terms

Story - A story is a description of a new feature, bug or simple change request, considered from the perspective of the user.

Icebox - This panel contains stories that have not yet been prioritized. When you’re ready to prioritize the story, drag it into the Current/Backlog panel.

Current/Backlog - This panel contains your stories in priority order.

Velocity - Each Project has its own velocity. Velocity is used to show when work will be completed, based on the rate at which stories have already been done.  

A complete list of Tracker Terminology can be found here.

Additional Information

Visit the Tracker home page or the Tracker Help Center to learn more.


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