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Zeppelin Web UI Showing "Disconnected" State


 Product  Version
 HDP  2.4.x
 OS  RHEL 6.x


After deploying HDP 2.4 cluster, it's found Zeppelin web UI is showing the "Disconnected" state as shown in the screenshot below.


Chrome browser failed to authenticate with the proxy server when it tried connecting to the Zeppelin server via a web socket.


When you open "Developer Tools" window in Chrome browser, it could be seen that Chrome browser was trying to establish a web socket to Zeppelin server with an anonymous login and the command was refused.

Successful connection to the same URL from a desktop with no proxy server configuration was required.


Following are the options to resolve this issue:

  1. Access Zeppelin web service from an environment where no proxy server is needed.
  2. Add some extension like "Proxy Helper," which allow only specific authentication information to Chrome browser.
  3. Try running it with FireFox browser which will ask you to input username/password when required.


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