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How to Obtain Pivotal GemFire from a Maven Repository


 Product  Version
 Pivotal GemFire  9.x 


This document explains how to register Pivotal Commercial Maven Repository and obtain Gemfire from a maven repository.


A. Register Pivotal Commercial Maven Repository if you don't have an account for accessing Pivotal Commercial Maven Repository:

  1. Access URL:

  2. Enter your email address and password. Click the register button. You should receive a confirmation email.

  3. After you receive the confirmation email, click the link to activate your account. 

B. After you activate the account, you can log in and obtain the Gemfire maven repository:

  1. Access URL:
    https://commercial-repo.pivotal.io/login/auth, and log in with your registered account.

  2. Open the link: [Pivotal GemFire Release Repository].

  3. You will see an example configuration for Pivotal GemFire Release Repository.

    This is the example configuration which you will need to place into your pom.xml:

            <name>Pivotal GemFire Release Repository</name>

    To access these artifacts, you must add an entry to .m2/settings.xml:

                    <password><!-- Replace with your decrypted password (which we don't have) --></password>

    As of Maven 2.1.0, encrypted passwords are supported in settings.xml. Please see https://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-encryption.html for more details. 

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