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How to Delete an Orphaned or Blocked Service Instance


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In some cases, it is possible that your request to delete a service instance will fail. When trying to delete a service instance, you may see error messages like these:

Server error, status code: 502, error code: 10001, message: Service instance <service-name>: Service broker error: Addon service instance '<guid>' has active bindings.

You will also see `delete failed` listed as the "last operation" for your service instance when you run `cf services`.


Ultimately what happens is that the state in Cloud Foundry of your services are out of sync with the state of your service stored by the service provider. When this happens, the service provider may refuse to delete the service and thus cause the `cf delete-service` request fails.

The exact cause as to why the state gets out of sync is not currently known. However, we do not believe that this is due to the behavior of end users.


When a service gets into this state, it is not possible for the end user to resolve the issue. Rectifying the issue requires administrator action. If you find yourself in this situation, please open a support ticket by emailing support@run.pivotal.io and including the following information.

  1. Your org name
  2. Your space name
  3. Your space GUID. You can obtain this by running `cf space <SPACENAME> --guid`
  4. The name or names of the service instance that you'd like to have deleted
  5. The service GUIDs for each service instance to be deleted. You can obtain this by running `cf service <SERVICE_INSTANCE_NAME> --guid`
  6. Run `cf services` from the org and space you listed above and take a screenshot of the output. Pivotal will only delete services where the "last operation" listed in the screenshot indicates that the delete operation has failed. This is to prevent potential data loss.

Upon receipt of your support ticket, Pivotal will proceed to delete the service instance that you have listed. Confirmation of the delete will be sent through the Pivotal support ticket. 

Impact / Risks

Once a service instance has been deleted, it is not possible for Pivotal to recover any data from the service nor is it possible for you to access the management console of the deleted services or any backups made through the service provider's web UI.  If you need to retain information from the database or anything accessible through the service provider's web UI, please do this before you submit your request to delete the service.


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