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MADlib Installation Fails: "ERROR : Failed Executing m4 on /usr/local/greenplum-db-4.3.10/madlib/Versions/1.9/ports/greenplum/modules/array_ops/array_ops.sql_in"


 Product  Version
 Pivotal Greenplum  4.3.x
 MADlib  1.x


Installation of MADlib fails resulting in an error message.

Error Message:

$GPHOME/madlib/bin/madpack install -s madlib -p greenplum -c gpadmin@mdw:5432/get_data
madpack.py : INFO : Detected Greenplum DB version 4.3ORCA.
madpack.py : INFO : *** Installing MADlib ***
madpack.py : INFO : MADlib tools version = 1.9 (/usr/local/greenplum-db-4.3.10/madlib/Versions/1.9/bin/../madpack/madpack.py)
madpack.py : INFO : MADlib database version = None (host=mdw:5432, db=get_data, schema=madlib)
madpack.py : INFO : Testing PL/Python environment...
madpack.py : INFO : > PL/Python environment OK (version: 2.6.2)
madpack.py : INFO : Installing MADlib into MADLIB schema...
madpack.py : INFO : > Creating MADLIB schema
madpack.py : INFO : > Creating MADLIB.MigrationHistory table
madpack.py : INFO : > Writing version info in MigrationHistory table
madpack.py : INFO : > Creating objects for modules:
madpack.py : INFO : > - array_ops
madpack.py : ERROR : Failed executing m4 on /usr/local/greenplum-db-4.3.10/madlib/Versions/1.9/ports/greenplum/modules/array_ops/array_ops.sql_in
madpack.py : INFO : Rolling back the installation...
madpack.py : INFO : Rollback finished successfully.
madpack.py : ERROR : MADlib installation failed. 


The MADlib installation is trying to execute a m4 command but the m4 binary is not installed on the system.


Follow these steps to resolve this issue.

  1. Verify that m4 is not installed on the system:
    which m4
  2. If m4 is not installed, login as root and install it using yum:
    yum install m4
  3. Rerun the installation command.





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