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Ops Manager Export Fails with 500 Error and "No such File or Directory - getcwd" message in the Logs


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Performing an Ops Manager export of the installation settings results in the following error:

No webpage was found for the web address: https://opsman.<DNS>/500.html

 In the /tmp/logs/production.log file for the Ops Manager VM, you see the following errors:

Started POST "/export" for at 2017-02-15 17:07:40 +0000
Processing by ExportController#create as */*
Valid UAA token
Exception caught via rescue_from (code 500):
(See app/controllers/application_controller.rb)
Cannot load `Rails.application.database_configuration`: No such file or directory - getcwd
/home/tempest-web/tempest/web/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.2.0/gems/activesupport- `require'
/home/tempest-web/tempest/web/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.2.0/gems/activesupport- `block in require'
/home/tempest-web/tempest/web/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.2.0/gems/activesupport- `load_dependency'   


The resolution to this is to simply restart the Ops Manager VM. You can do this by either of the following two ways:

  • Restart the Ops Manager VM within the IaaS.
  • Remoting into the VM via ssh and running sudo reboot.


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    adam mott

    I have had this issue a couple of times in the last week, why is the resolution to reboot. What is causing the issue?

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