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Multi-language Buildpack Support for the Pivotal Cloud Foundry


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® versions 1.8.x, 1.9.x, and 1.10.x 


There are many scenarios in which a single buildpack is not sufficient when building an application. This includes cases when you need to:

  • Run a buildpack for each language your app uses. For example, run a JavaScript buildpack for assets and a Ruby buildpack for your application
  • Run a daemon process such as pgbouncer with your application
  • Pull in system dependencies with apt

Currently, there is no official, supported multi-buildpack solution for Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers. Pivotal is planning to offer this at a later time.

There are multi-buildpacks available for OSS CloudFoundry

Additional Information

Please check here for any updates on the supportability of multi-language buildpacks.


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