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HDB Python Missing


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 Pivotal HDB
 OS  All Supported OS


While migrating to HDB, you need plpython to be enabled. According to the HDB documentation, you should have a $GPHOME/ext directory where the python binaries for HDB reside. However, on your HDB install, you do not have the $GPHOME/ext directory.

When you use the midnight command tool to look into the HDB RPM file, the ext directory is also not there. Also, when the same is done on a HDB RPM, the ext directory is present in the RPM. 


HDB uses the default python interpreter and no longer uses $GPHOME/ext/python at all so you can now install your packages on top of the default python interpreter. Your default python interpreter is already in the PATH.

Also, gppkg will not be needed to install plpython anymore. It's embedded in the database. You will just need to create the language. 



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