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How to add CC address to your Support Tickets.


This article will explain how to CC email addresses to an existing ticket and also how to access the tickets you are CC'ed on in the  Pivotal Support Portal.


CC'ing an email address to a ticket in the Pivotal Support Portal

In order to cc an email address to an existing support request in the Pivotal Support Portal, please select a ticket, and click on "Add CC".


If you cannot access your Support Portal you can request that the CC user is added, by updating your existing ticket with the request. The Customer Engineer or Customer Service Representative working on your ticket will update the contact addresses.

Or, when reply back using your email account, you can simply add the registered email address as a CC address and our internal ticket systems will also update the ticket with this information.

** Please note, if the user is not registered, then any correspondence from the Pivotal team will not be sent to the additional address and any updates made by the cc'ed address will be suspended in our ticketing system.**

Upon the successful registering and additional adding of the proposed cc address to an existing support request. The user will also be able to access the ticket/s through the Support Portal under a special tab called "CC Tickets". 



From this page, they will be able to view the entire history of the ticket as well as add updates and attachments.




If you find that a lot of your additional CC requests are for internal organisation members, then please check out the following article about the Organization View within the Support Portal. (Link to be added when created)


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