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No Metrics seen in the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics UI with the Charts Stuck at "loading data"


Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics all versions prior to 1.3.x


The Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics UI does not show metrics or data in the charts. Instead, there is a loading data message, and the metrics never populate. See example below: 2.png


One possible cause for this issue is that the worker-app-dev queries MySQL to retrieve metrics and events for the period specified in the UI. There are times when the worker-app-dev has not been able to subscribe to the updated job channels on Redis. Typically, this occurs when a change has been made to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics deployment.


To get past this particular issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your CF CLI<
  2. Run cf target -o system -s metrics-v1-2
  3. Run cf restart worker-app-dev
  4. Once worker-app-dev has restarted, refresh the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics UI, and Metrics should appear again

Additional Information

Please note that this may not fix the issue. However, this is a great workaround to try as it's a relatively simple fix. If you are running into other problems, please consult the instructions here for Troubleshooting Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics.



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