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On-demand Service Instance Plan Change Loses Data for MySQL on Pivotal Cloud Foundry


MySQL 2 for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)


On-demand service instance plan change fails to re-attach the persistent disk.

When the on-demand service plans are deployed in different Availability Zones in PCF, the service-instance update with new plan loses the old data.


The persistent disks attached to the VMs deployed by on-demand service instances cannot be moved to different Availability Zones.

When an on-demand service-instance is updated with a new plan in a different Availability zone, it creates the new disk in a different datastore of the other Availability Zone. This eventually fails due as it cannot attach the disk back to the VM in different datastore.


Currently, on-demand service instance plan update can only be performed if the old and new plans share the same Availability Zone in PCF.

The permanent fix is available in following versions of Ops Manager with the release of PCF 2.1:

  • Ops Manager 2.1 with a patch (Release Notes will be live with the release of PCF 2.1)
  • Ops Manager 2.2 and above.


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