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Autoscaler Instance not Found Under Manage Autoscale Service


 Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime  versions 1.7.x, 1.8.x, and 1.9.x


This article provides a troubleshooting guide when you see "No Autoscaler Instance Found" when you try to manage an Autoscale Service instance.

User deploys an application and creates an Autoscaler instance. Then binds the Autoscale service instance to the application successfully. After that, the user navigates to the Autoscale service instance and clicks "Manage", but the page displays a message "No Autoscaler Instance found". 



Users have different roles in a space or Org. These roles dictate how users may or may not be able to see application instances and services. SpaceDeveloper role provides the visibility for application instances and services. In order to see the application instances in your Autoscale dashboard, a user accessing the dashboard must have a SpaceDeveloper role. 


Here are steps for a user to be able to view application instances in their Autoscale Dashboard:

In this example, you have the app bounded to autoscale-service on org test-org and space test-space. If you want user1 to manage the autoscale-service, you need to set SpaceDeveloper for user1

  1. cf login as admin
  2. cf space-users test-org -s test-space The command should result with user1 having a SpaceDeveloper role
  3. if user1 does not have SpaceDeveloper role. You can set it by cf set-space-role user1 test-org test-space SpaceDeveloper
  4. cf login as user1. Try to "Manage" the autoscale-service, you should see the application app.



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