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How to Remove a GPCC Instance


  • Pivotal Command Center 2.x and 3.x
  • Operating System- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x


This article describes how to remove an instance in the Pivotal Command Center (GPCC).


In version 3.x and above, an instance can be removed by a command. But there is no command to remove an instance in 2.x. In version 2.x, it needs to be manually removed.


Procedure for Pivotal Command Center 2.x

1. Remove the instance directory. Replace <instance name> below with the GPCC instance name:

# cd ${GPPERFMONHOME}/instances
# rm -rf <instance name>

2. Remove the instance schema in the gpperfmon database. Login into the gpperfmon database as gpadmin:

# DROP SCHEMA gpcmdr_instance_<instance name> CASCADE;

Procedure for Pivotal Command Center 3.x

1. Run the gpcmdr command to remove the instance:

# gpcmdr --remove <instance name>

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