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How to Change MySQL Proxy IPs After Deployment


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) all versions
  • MySQL for PCF all versions


Currently, there is a known limitation in how MySQL proxy settings are managed in ERT and the MySQL for PCF tile. The ERT -> Internal MySQL -> 'Static IPs' settings are quietly ignored if they are applied later than the first deployment; although removal of these settings does seem to be fully supported. 

We update the proxy_ip field after p-mysql is deployed, that the manifest generated by ops manager does not include the new proxy IP's.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Deployed a foundation with proxy IP's configured in ERT -> Internal MySQL -> 'Static IPs'.

2. Remove the proxy IP's and redeploy the foundation (The mysql_proxy nodes were given different IP's by Bosh).

3. Add back the previous settings and clicked "apply changes" button (the MySQL Static IP's did not include the new proxy IP's).


It can be difficult to change IP's post-deployment when BOSH has already assigned one.


The workaround is to run the following steps.  Please take care when making these changes as they will impact Pivotal Cloud Foundry installation.

  1. Use the secret "/api/installation_settings" endpoint to download the installation settings. Please follow this article How to edit Operations Manager installation settings to carry out the steps below.
  2. Drop the IP assignments that you want to change in installsettings.json
            11d2a25ee41a8f03144b: []
  3. Post the installsettings.json file to Operations Manager to commit the changes
  4. In some cases, you may need to also remove the reference in the actual-installation.yml.  Please refer to this article How to Edit the Actual Installation Settings

Additional Information

Pivotal is investigating further to fix this issue in a future release.


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