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How to Download a BOSH Manifest for Cloud Foundry from Ops Manager


Pivotal Cloudfoundry Version 1.12


Occasionally Pivotal Cloudfoundry administrators will find the need to examine or modify the existing BOSH manifest on the Ops Manager. The steps below will assist administrators in downloading the manifest for review. 


Follow the steps to download the manifest: 

scp ubuntu@<Ops_Man_VM_IP>:/var/tempest/workspaces/default/deployments/cf-*.yml . The password is set up when the VM is deployed. It's not possible to look it up in ops man. Most administrators should have this password.


Manifest files on Ops Manager can and will change as changes are made through the Ops Manager UI. In reaction to these changes, operators may need to download the manifest again. It's is very important that you have the latest manifest! Running a command against an old manifest can result in unwanted behavior or possibly outages. 

In addition, there are times where multiple deployment files will exist. If apply changes are executing, then the deployment manifest might not be in a consumable state.

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