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Timestamp Mismatch Alerts in Greenplum Command Center in China Standard Timezone


Pivotal Greenplum Command Center (GPCC) 3.x


The Dashboard's alert panel shows timestamps in the future and mismatches with the same entries on the pg_log.


There are two time zones with the same abbreviation:
 - CST, China Standard Time (+8:00)
 - CST, Central Standard Time (-6:00)
For this issue, the time zone on the OS of a user from China is 'PRC', the abbreviation for which is 'CST'. Therefore, his pg_log reads '2017-xx-xx xx:xx:xx.xxxxxx CST.' When GPCC queries log_alter_now, PostgreSQL converts the string back to timestamptz. This is because PostgreSQL regards 'CST' as -6:00, leading to the result of the query being time-stamped as 14 hours ahead of the expected time.


Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

1. Reset the timezone for gppermon and gpmon. GPCC requires them to use the default timezone as that of the OS being utilized:

psql gpperfmon
alter user gpmon reset timezone;
alter database gpperfmon reset timezone; restart gpcc

2. Change postgresql.conf (Requires a Greenplum restart):

gpconfig -s log_timezone
gpconfig -c log_timezone -v 'Hongkong'
gpconfig -c timezone -v 'PRC'
Your log file will look like '2017-xx-xx xx:xx:xx.xxxxxx HKT.'
HKT is not as ambiguous as 'CST' and is in the +8:00 timezone. This is a workaround that can be used to resolve the confusion between the two similarly abbreviated timezones. 


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