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How to share and upload large files via Zendesk


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The purpose of this article is to describe the method to share and upload a large file for Pivotal Support using Zendesk.


Due to the current Zendesk upload restrictions of 20 MB, you will need to use an alternative method of sharing files larger than that.


To share a large file with Pivotal Support, please use one of the following options.

Pivotal Secure Drop Zone (Preferred)

If you are a Special Practices customer or require files uploaded to remain within the European Union, please DO NOT use the link below and instead request a link from Pivotal Support through your ticket.

This is the preferred option for sharing large files with Pivotal Support. To use this option, go to this link.


Enter the ticket number to which you want to attach the file. If you do not have a ticket open yet, please do that first. Instructions for opening a ticket can be found here. Please note that a ticket number is required and entering an incorrect ticket number will result in delays.

Lastly, upload your files through the Web UI. After you submit the file, Pivotal support will be notified and your files will be attached to the corresponding support ticket.

If you have any questions or require help with the Pivotal Secure Drop Zone, please ask for assistance through your ticket.  

File Sharing Service

Upload your file to a suitably secure file sharing services and share the contents with the Pivotal team members.

For example, you can use the following file sharing services:

Box.com, Dropbox.com, Google Drive, OneDrive or you own internal file sharing service.

Share the file with Pivotal Support and attach the associated details on your Zendesk Ticket.

Splitting Files

An alternative to the above is to split your file into smaller parts that can be reassembled by Pivotal Support using the following methods.

For Mac/Linux use "Split" and for Windows use "Zip7."


$split -b 20m logs.tar.gz logs

The above command will split the larger file into several smaller files. The files will each be 20MB in size with names such as logsaa, logsbb, etc. The file can then be uploaded to Zendesk. Pivotal Support staff will reassemble the original file using the following commands:

$cat logs* >> logs.tar.gz


If you are using Windows, you can split the files using Zip7



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