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Smart Errands Issue in Ops Manager Version 1.10


 Ops Manager version 1.10


An issue has been discovered with the Smart Errands feature release in Ops Manager 1.10, causing some errands not to run when there are relevant changes such that the errand should run.


Pivotal will issue a patched release of Ops Manager 1.10 to address this issue.

In the interim, users wishing to ensure certain errands run when applying changes should use the One-Time Rules to set desired errands to “On” rather than “When Changed.”


While it is possible also to set the Persistent Rules for when an errand is run, we do not recommend users to employ this as a mitigation strategy -- specifically, changing an errand from “Default (When Changed)” to “On.”  It is best to allow Ops Manager and the product tiles themselves to decide the appropriate Default value as the best answer may change over time and leaving the setting as “Default” removes that decision burden from the user.

The Ops Manager patch will change most tile’s errands from “Default (When Changed)” to “Default (On)” but those errands for which “Default (When Changed)” is still appropriate will be able to leverage this feature, transparently to the user.


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