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Redis error when saving changes after a back up to AWS S3: Error: Access Denied for bucket 'pcf-redos-backup-sgp-intra-test'


 Product  Version
 Pivotal Cloud Foundry  1.10
 Amazon Web Services  S3
 Redis  1.7


When configuring a Redis tile to backup to AWS S3, after clicking Save Changes it throws the following error

Error: Access Denied for bucket 'pcf-redos-backup-sgp-intra-test'


S3 destinations that only support the v4 signature (like AWS eu-central-1) resulted in service backup failing to create buckets or upload files. The error is caused due to a quirk in how the AWS s3 client decides on the region to use. Redis Backups to AWS S3 Limited to Standard Region Backups are only sent to AWS S3 buckets that have been created in the US Standard region, “us-east-1.”


Change the bucket region to in us-east-1 instead of any other region. 

This article will be updated once this issue is resolved. 

Additional Information

You can also refer to the Redis 1.7 Release Notes for further information.


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