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Pivotal Cloud Foundry Error, "Could not log in: Invalid tenant" when configuring Ops Manager IaaS"


Pivotal Cloud Foundry Version 1.10


You received OpenStack errors when configuring Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Ops Manager and a subsequent following error with user authentication failures:

"Could not log in: Invalid tenant 'dev-pcf-north-01'"


Ops Manager uses a library called Fog which only finds and displays the first project in the "OpenStack project list" that is assigned to that user. If Ops Manager was configured to use a tenant/project other than the first one, a later check in the Pivotal code fails which causes this error.


OpsManager/Pivotal Cloud Foundry will use the first project in the OpenStack project list. The user is authenticated with OpenStack, in this case, is probably a member of several projects as designed by the user for additional Pivotal Cloud Foundry installations.

Because the project configured in Ops Manager was a project listed further down on the list of the OpenStack projects, configuration failed.


The workaround is to create a user assigned to a singular project only and use it to configure Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The error will be resolved by making the user a member of the same groups in both OpenStack and LDAP.

Additional Information

Use an account which has access to the tenant you want to use for OpsManager/Pivotal Cloud Foundry to prevent PCF from choosing (by default) the first project in the OpenStack project list.

For details about deploying Pivotal Cloud Foundry on OpenStack, click here.



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