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ERROR: column "rsqcountlimit" does not exist while connecting to HDB 2.x via pgadmin3


Pivotal HDB: 2.x



After upgrading from HAWQ to HDB 2.x, the user receives an error when connecting to HAWQ through pgAdmin.

Error Message:

ERROR: column "rsqcountlimit" does not exist


The error occurs during connection initiation when pgadmin3 tries to get resource queues using the below query:

queues = SELECT rsqname, rsqcountlimit, rsqcostlimit, rsqovercommit, rsqignorecostlimit, oid 
FROM pg_resqueue ORDER BY 1");

In HAWQ 1.3, the catalog table that contains resource queue information pg_resqueue, had a column named rsqcountlimit as per the docs.

The column rsqcountlimit has been removed from HDB 2.0 onwards as documented here. Therefore, while querying resource queue status, pgadmin throws this error message.


Click OK on the error screen. You will able to proceed ahead and access pgadmin3 UI.

This is something that needs to be fixed with pgadmin's source code and will be available in future versions.

Additional Information

Catalog details - pg_resqueue - HDB 1.x

Catalog details - pg_resqueue - HDB 2.x



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