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How to Change the Value of 'rates_mode' in Pivotal Cloud Foundry RabbitMQ


Pivotal Cloud Foundry RabbitMQ 1.8.1 and above


Due to an issue with the statsDB in versions of RabbitMQ before 3.6.7, statistics have been removed from the Management UI. In RMQ 3.6.7 and above, metrics are collected in a more robust way and are configurable in the RMQ tile.

This can be configured using a manifest property. The three options are basic, detailed, or none. The Default setting is basic. For details, refer here.

RabbitMQ accepts three options for ‘rates_mode’ setting:

  • None
  • Basic (default)
  • Detailed


To change that setting, it’s possible to do so via Ops Manager using the RabbitMQ configuration text box found in the RabbitMQ settings tab. This field requires a base64 value that expands to an Erlang config similar to this


Here are some examples to set the rates_mode config:

  1. None
    • Erlang config
       { rabbitmq_management, [ {rates_mode, none} ] }
      • Base64 config

    2. Basic

      • Erlang config
        { rabbitmq_management, [ {rates_mode, basic} ] }
      • Base64 config

    3. Detailed

      • Erlang config
        { rabbitmq_management, [ {rates_mode, detailed} ] }
      • Base64 config

    The base64 value can be added in the text box as seen in the image below



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