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Resource Config Page Returns a 500 Error


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry version 1.11
  • Operations Manager version 1.11


When importing previous versions of installation that have non-default VM sizes that are no longer supported on the 1.11 version of Operations Manager, the Resource Config page gets a 500 error.


To work around this issue, follow the steps below:

    1. Get the list of the supported virtual machine (VM) Types from the previous version of Ops Manager you are exporting from and the current version you are importing to by using "GET /api/v0/vm_types" API endpoint.
    2. Use "PUT /api/v0/vm_types" to update the list of VMs in the current version of Ops Manager to include the missing VM Types. Note that PUT overwrites the default list of VM Types, and make sure to include the full list.
    3. Go to Resource Config tab again, and select another VM that is supported based on the output in step 1.



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