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How to Completely Remove a Greenplum Command Center Instance from the System


  • Pivotal Greenplum database (GPDB) 4.3.x
  • Pivotal Greenplum Command Center (GPCC) 3.2


This article describes how to completely remove an existing GPCC instance from the system.


This procedure is recommended since as of GPCC 3.2.1 when removing a GPCC instance using the gpcmdr command, certain information stored in the gpperfmon database will remain in a specific schema that was used for the instance.


Follow the steps to remove the GPCC instance from the system:

  1. Identify the instance to remove
    $ gpcmdr --status
  2. Stop and remove the instance directory from the file system
    $ gpcmdr --stop my_gpcc_instance
    $ gpcmdr --remove my_gpcc_instance
    Remove my_gpcc_instance from this installation? Yy/Nn (default=N)
    Remove instance my_gpcc_instance ...
  3. Identify and delete the schema in gpperfmon database 
    $ psql gpperfmon
    You are now connected to database "gpperfmon" as user "gpadmin". gpperfmon=# \dn List of schemas Name | Owner -----------------------------------+--------- gp_toolkit | gpadmin gpcmdr_instance_my_gpcc_instance | gpmon <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< information_schema | gpadmin pg_aoseg | gpadmin pg_bitmapindex | gpadmin pg_catalog | gpadmin pg_toast | gpadmin public | gpadmin session_state | gpadmin (11 rows)

Additional Information

Shall this change in a future GPCC release, the issue number tracking this behavior is 27958.


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