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How to completely remove a GPCC instance from the system


Pivotal Greenplum: 4.3.x

Pivotal Greenplum Command Center: 3.2


This article describes how to completely remove an existing GPCC instance from the system.


This procedure is recommended since as of GPCC 3.2.1 when removing a GPCC instance using the gpcmdr command, certain information stored in the gpperfmon database will remain in a specific schema that was used for the instance.


Follow the steps to remove the GPCC instance from the system:

  1. Identify the instance to remove
    $ gpcmdr --status
  2. Stop and remove the instance directory from the file system
    $ gpcmdr --stop my_gpcc_instance
    $ gpcmdr --remove my_gpcc_instance
    Remove my_gpcc_instance from this installation? Yy/Nn (default=N)
    Remove instance my_gpcc_instance ...
  3. Identify and delete the schema in gpperfmon database 
    $ psql gpperfmon
    You are now connected to database "gpperfmon" as user "gpadmin". gpperfmon=# \dn List of schemas Name | Owner -----------------------------------+--------- gp_toolkit | gpadmin gpcmdr_instance_my_gpcc_instance | gpmon <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< information_schema | gpadmin pg_aoseg | gpadmin pg_bitmapindex | gpadmin pg_catalog | gpadmin pg_toast | gpadmin public | gpadmin session_state | gpadmin (11 rows)

Additional Information

Shall this change in a future GPCC release, the issue number tracking this behavior is 27958.


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