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On-Demand Services Give Operators More Control

Pivotal Cloud Foundry offers On-Demand Service models for the tiles: MySQL for PCF, RabbitMQ for PCF, Redis for PCF, and Pivotal Cloud Cache (PCC).

Smart_Apps-01.jpgOn-demand services use the dynamically-provisioned service network to host the single-tenant worker VMs that run as service instances within development spaces. This architecture lets developers provision IaaS resources for their service instances at creation time, rather than the operator pre-provisioning a fixed quantity of IaaS resources when they deploy the service broker. By making services single-tenant, where each instance runs on a dedicated VM rather than sharing VMs with unrelated processes, on-demand services eliminate the “noisy neighbor” problem when one application hogs resources on a shared cluster. Single-tenant services can also support regulatory compliance where sensitive data must be compartmentalized across separate machines.

Finally, these on-demand services give operators more control. They can set up plans and configure quotas, publishing these plans to the PCF Services Marketplace for developer self-service.

Learn more about on-demand services and the on-demand services SDK here.

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intelligence_icon.png Top Knowledge Base Articles

Here are the Knowledge Base articles to help Cloud and Database Admins to improve productivity with Pivotal products. If you have any questions, you can write to gss-km@pivotal.io

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 Product Updates

Here's a quick view of recent software updates and upcoming End Of General Support dates to help ensure that you are running the current release of your software. Please review to check if any of your products are listed here. You can find our Pivotal Support Lifecycle Policy which includes our Pivotal Lifecycle Matrix. This page was last updated on 7/19/17.
New Releases  
Product Date
Pivotal GemFire 9.1.0 7/17/17
Pivotal Greenplum 4.3.15 7/13/17
Pivotal Greenplum 5.0.0-beta.3 7/7/17
Security Releases  
Product Date
Latest Stemcell Security Releases 6/2017
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime 1.11.4 7/14/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime 1.10.18 7/14/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime 1.9.31 7/14/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager 1.11.5 7/8/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager 1.10.11 6/22/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager 1.9.16 6/22/17
Recent and Upcoming End of General Support  
Product Date
Pivotal Web Server 5.5.x 7/15/17
Pivotal Web Server 6.1.x 7/15/17
Pivotal Web Server 6.2.x 7/15/17
Pivotal Web Server 6.3.x 7/15/17
Pivotal HDP 2.3.x 7/22/17
Pivotal Push Notification 1.x 7/31/17
Spring XD 1.x 7/31/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Service Broker for AWS 1.0.x 8/31/17
Pivotal GemFire 8.0.x 8/31/17
Pivotal GemFire 8.1.x 8/31/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.9 9/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Runtime for Windows 1.9.x 9/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics 1.2.x 9/30/17
Pivotal Push Notification 1.7.x 9/30/17
Microsoft Azure Service Broker for PCF 1.2.x 9/30/17
Pivotal HDB 1.2.1 (formerly HAWQ 1.2.1) 9/30/17
Pivotal Command Center 2.3.x 9/30/17
Pivotal GemFire XD 1.3.x 9/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry LogSearch 1.0.x 10/31/17
Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.x 10/31/17
Pivotal tc Server 3.1.x 10/31/17
Pivotal API Gateway 1.1.0.x 10/31/17
Cloud Foundry Security Update
In June 2017, the PCF team released patches and notices for CVEs. More information can be found at http://pivotal.io/security. The most recent security releases for PCF include:
  • PCF Elastic Runtime 1.9.31, 1.10.18 and 1.11.4
  • PCF Operations Manager 1.9.16, 1.10.11 and 1.11.5

Note: Spring XD will reach End of Availability, End of Support, End of Life on 7/31/2017.

See our KB article on Pivotal Cloud Foundry Buildpack Changes for Elastic Runtime 1.8+.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry Partner Services


Check out these services that are published, supported, and maintained by our Partners. Here are the latest: 

Service Name Release Date
Black Duck Hub Service Broker for PCF 7/14/17
Microsoft Azure Log Analytics Nozzle for PCF 6/23/17
Altoros Elasticsearch for PCF 6/23/17
Redis Enterprise Pack for PCF 6/16/17
Dynatrace Full-Stack Add-On for PCF 6/9/17
Altoros Log Search for PCF 6/8/17
Explore, download, and update Pivotal software and services at Pivotal Network.
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New SpringOne Pre-conference Classes
bg-academy-lower.pngPivotal Training is now offering two additional pre-conference training courses at SpringOne Platform: Spring Cloud Data Flow and What’s New in Spring. Similar to the other three pre-conference classes, these 2-day instructor-led courses provide instructor-led, lab-based training at a fraction of the price (compared to traditional classroom training).

Our five pre-conference classes are the perfect way to maximize your conference experience and receive hands-on training taught by Pivotal Certified Instructors.

Space is limited and seats are sure to sell-out quickly. Learn more by visiting https://springoneplatform.io/training.
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 Support News

Pivotal Business Critical Support
A proven and personal approach to supporting Mission Critical Solutions based on Pivotal Technologies. Learn more here

PCF User Interest Workgroups - July 2017

Users collaborating and sharing with other users about Pivotal Cloud Foundry

workgroup.pngAs an offshoot of the PCF Virtual Users Group, we’re organizing PCF Interest Workgroups for customers to collaborate together on topics of specific interests. These groups meet in monthly calls. All interested users are welcome. To get added to a workgroup meeting invitation, please email Greg Chase: gchase@pivotal.io.

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 Upcoming Events Featuring Pivotal


Upcoming Events:

Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.11—CredHub, Container Networking & Spring Boot Actuator Webinar:
July 19, 2017 @ 2pm ET

All Events

  • You can see all upcoming events here!
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 Meet Your Support Expert

Meet Aine, a Customer Support Representative for Pivotal Support


I work at the Cork Office. Cork is a very vibrant City with lots of things to see and do. Here's a fun fact about Cork: It has the second largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney Harbour.

I work as a Global CSR (Customer Support Representative) Team Lead. When I am not busy in my day job, I can be found organizing Diversity and Inclusion events.

I am proud to be a part of Pivotal Support and here is why: The Pivotal Culture is something very special which has been embraced in the Cork office and I am proud to be a part of it. The whole Global Support Organization is like a big family.


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