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Export Installation Fails with "Unexpected Response" Error for the Ops Manager


Pivotal Cloud Foundry Version 1.11


When exporting an installation with Ops Manager through the Web UI or with the cli utility om, the export times out. Here is an example when using om. It returns the following unexpected response error:

om-linux --target https://ops-man.net --skip-ssl-validation --username user --password 'PW' 
--request-timeout 6000 export-installation --output-file /tmp/build/0f36ad4e/pcf-pipelines/tasks/export-opsmgr-settings/opsmgr-settings/installation.zip exporting installation 30m1s elapsed, waiting for response from Ops Manager... could not execute "export-installation": failed to export installation: request failed: unexpected response real 30m1.270s user 0m39.648s sys 1m44.332s


This issue could appear if the export takes longer than the timeout defined in `thin.production.yml`.  This defaults to 30 minutes.


To resolve this issue, modify the tempest-web configuration at /home/tempest-web/tempest/web/config/thin.production.yml as follows:

socket: /tmp/tempest-web.sock
rackup: config.ru
threaded: true
timeout: 1800

Change the timeout from its default setting of 30min (1800 sec) to 100 minutes (6000 sec):

socket: /tmp/tempest-web.sock
rackup: config.ru
threaded: true
timeout: 6000

Then restart Ops Manager and the export should be successful.

sudo service tempest-web stop
sudo service tempest-web start



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