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Bosh SSH Fails with the Error, "Error 70001: No instances matched"


Pivotal Cloud Foundry Version 1.8


When trying to SSH into the VM "diego_cell/4", the following error occurred:

ubuntu@pivvotal-ops-manager:~$ bosh ssh diego_cell/4 
Acting as user 'admin' on deployment 'prometheus' on 'p-bosh' 
RSA 1024 bit CA certificates are loaded due to old openssl compatibility 
Target deployment is 'prometheus'

Setting up ssh artifacts

Director task 1692991 
Error 70001: No instances matched {:job=>"diego_cell", :index=>[4], :deployment_id=>6}

Task 1692991 error 
Failed to set up SSH: see task 1692991 log for details


From the above output, Bosh CLI reports "Target deployment is 'prometheus.'" This means the current deployment is set to prometheus. The prometheus deployment does deploy any Deigo jobs. The Deigo jobs in this example are deployed in the "cf-dc9b0d5cbba443885d9" deployment. This can be verified by running command "bosh vms."


Run the following command to select the correct deployment and try Bosh SSH again

bosh deployment /var/tempest/workspaces/default/deployments/cf-dc9b0d5c8bba443885d9.yml

The error should be resolved.


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