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How to setup DataDirect ODBC driver on Windows for Kerberos authentication


Pivotal HDB 2.x


This article demonstrates steps for configuring DataDirect ODBC driver on Windows systems for Kerberos authentication. 


1. Install DataDirect ODBC driver on a Windows system according to the README document. The ODBC driver can be downloaded from network.pivota.io 

2. Follow steps in "Configuring and testing a DSN connection to a Greenplum Database" part in "Windows Installation" section in the README file. If the target HDB system is authenticated with Kerberos, then refer to following screenshots to configure more. 

Click "Test Connect" button to see if connection can be established with configured parameters or not. If successful, a small window will pop up with "Connection established" message.



If the test fails and following error message is seen in HDB master logs, it could be solved by user-mapping on HDB side. 

2017-08-29 20:58:22.906454 EDT,"gpadmin","gpadmin",p240307,th682281248,"","50603",2017-08-29 20:58:22 EDT,0,,,seg-10000,,,,,"LOG","00000","provided user name (gpadmin) and authenticated user name (Administrator) do not match",,,,,,,0,,"hba.c",2129,

Suppose you want to map system user Administrator (in Windows system) to database user gpadmin, then add a mapping entry in pg_ident.conf file which is located in the HAWQ master data directory.

mymap           Administrator           gpadmin

Then specify map in pg_hba.conf as shown below.

host all all gss include_realm=0 krb_realm=DATA.LOCAL map=mymap

Don't forget to reload configuration after changes are made to pg_ident.conf and pg_hba.conf

$ hawq stop master -u

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