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Running Commands such as ps and htop hang Inside a Diego Cell


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) Version 1.12
  • Elastic Runtime Version 1.12
  • GrootFS all versions


If a combination of the following symptoms is observed inside a Diego Cell:

  • Commands such as htop or ps -aux hang forever.
  • Writing a file to the GrootFS stores hangs forever:
- touch /var/vcap/data/grootfs/store/privileged/a_file
- and/or touch /var/vcap/data/grootfs/store/unprivileged/a_file


An XFS Kernel Bug could be the cause. The root cause is still under investigation.


The issue can be resolved by reverting to the previous implementation for container filesystems. You can do so by unchecking “Enable the GrootFS container image plugin for Garden RunC” in the Application Containers page of the OpsManager.

However, do not opt-out GrootFS without informing Pivotal Support. Pivotal Support and PCF development team would like to hear about situations where opting out becomes necessary so that we can get access to logs and metrics that can help us fix this Kernel Bug.


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