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Here are the Knowledge Base articles to help Cloud and Database Admins to improve productivity with Pivotal products. If you have any questions, you can write to support-km@pivotal.io

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 Product Updates

Here's a quick view of recent software updates and upcoming End Of General Support dates to help ensure that you are running the current release of your software. Please review to check if any of your products are listed here. You can find our Pivotal Support Lifecycle Policy which includes our Pivotal Lifecycle Matrix. This page was last updated on 9/19/17.
New Releases  
Product Date
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.12 9/18/17
Pivotal Greenplum 5.0 9/14/17
Pivotal HDB 8/31/17
Security Releases  
Product Date
Latest Stemcell Security Releases 9/8/2017
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime 1.12.0 9/12/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime 1.11.11 8/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime 1.10.25 8/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime 1.9.38 8/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager 1.12.0 9/15/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager 1.11.11 9/8/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager 1.10.16 9/8/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager 1.9.21 9/8/17
Recent and Upcoming End of General Support  
Product Date
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.9 9/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Runtime for Windows 1.9.x 9/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics 1.2.x 9/30/17
Pivotal Push Notification 1.7.x 9/30/17
Microsoft Azure Service Broker for PCF 1.2.x 9/30/17
Pivotal HDB 1.2.1 (formerly HAWQ 1.2.1) 9/30/17
Pivotal Command Center 2.3.x 9/30/17
Pivotal GemFire XD 1.3.x 9/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry LogSearch 1.0.x 10/31/17
Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.x 10/31/17
Pivotal tc Server 3.1.x 10/31/17
Pivotal API Gateway 1.1.0.x 10/31/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics 1.3.x 11/30/17
Pivotal Push Notification 1.8.x 11/30/17
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Service Broker for AWS 1.1.x 11/30/17

Cloud Foundry Security Update
In August 2017, the PCF team released patches and notices for CVEs. More information can be found at http://pivotal.io/security. The most recent security releases for PCF include:
  • PCF Elastic Runtime 1.9.38, 1.10.25, 1.11.11 and 1.12.0
  • PCF Operations Manager 1.9.21, 1.10.16, 1.11.11 and 1.12.0

Note: Spring XD reached End of Availability, End of Support, End of Life on 7/31/2017.

See our KB article on Pivotal Cloud Foundry Buildpack Changes for Elastic Runtime 1.8+.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry Partner Services


Check out these services that are published, supported, and maintained by our Partners. Here are the latest: 

Service Name Release Date
Wavefront by VMware Nozzle for PCF 8/15/17
Boomi AtomSphere Integration Services for PCF 8/17/17
Stark and Wayne Shield for PCF 8/22/17
a9s LogMe for PCF 8/24/17
Splunk Nozzle for PCF 9/12/17
Explore, download, and update Pivotal software and services at Pivotal Network.
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Instructor-led Classes Scheduled thru 2017
School is back in session and now is the perfect time to head back into the classroom to learn the latest Pivotal technologies. 
Pivotal Training’s instructor-led classes are uniquely designed to help you enhance your skills and accelerate product adoption. Curriculum is taught by Pivotal Certified Instructors and our hands-on learning environment improves skills retention.  
Instructor-led classes are now available through the end of the year. With classes available across all geographies - including many Live Online (virtual) options - it's easy to find dates and times that work for your busy schedule.
Download our Public Training Flyer today and visit pivotal.io/training to enroll in a class.
All-new .NET training at SpringOne Platform
Pivotal Training is now offering a Steeltoe .NET Developer course as part of our pre-conference training at SpringOne Platform. The course explores how to develop ASP.NET applications using the latest Steeltoe frameworks. Upon completing the course, students will learn about Cloud Foundry concepts (i.e. applications, buildpacks, manifests, etc), how to publish and push .NET applications to CF and more.
The .NET course is the latest addition to our list of pre-conference training offerings at SpringOne. These instructor-led classes are held two days prior the conference and provide technical training on Spring Boot, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and more.

Classes are filling quickly! To learn more and reserve your spot, please visit https://springoneplatform.io/training
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 Support News

Pivotal Business Critical Support
A proven and personal approach to supporting Mission Critical Solutions based on Pivotal Technologies. Learn more here

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 Upcoming Events Featuring Pivotal


Upcoming Events:

Journey to Cloud-Native: The evolution of IT OperationsWednesday, September 20th 7:00 am Pacific (US West Coast) / 10:00 am EST / 3:00 pm BST (London) / 4:00 pm CEST (Paris, Brussels, Madrid)

All Events

  • You can see all upcoming events here!
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 Meet Your Support Expert

Meet Archana, a Designated Support Engineer

I work remote from Boise, ID, part of Treasure Valley. We have the Boise river and snow-capped Rocky Mountains serve as our backdrop.

I work as a Designated Support Engineer

I am proud to be a part of Pivotal Support and here is why: I always love resolving new issues and taking up challenging cases. Pivotal Support does exactly that, each day is a new day with new interesting situations for our customers, we are always making sure that the customer comes first. Getting issues resolved for the customer, with very strong back-up from my managers and coworkers who are always willing to help, making it an awesome team. I enjoy being apart of a team that is looking to help our customers!


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