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Changing the Locator Connection Retries


Pivotal GemFire 8.0 and above


After upgrading Gemfire from 7 to 8, or later, you may see a warning message in the upgraded environment as below when a locator cannot connect to another of the configured locators:

[warning 2017/09/23 06:02:35.949 EDT raz1rxglpl1v-locator1 <WAN Locator Discovery Thread> tid=0x72] Locator discovery task could not exchange locator information raz1rxglpl1v[44011] with rri1rxglpl3v-rep1.cvs.com[44011] after 2,119 retry attempts. Retrying in 10,000 ms.

The locator keeps trying to reconnect 50000 times with a 10-seconds interval between the attempts.

Filtering log messages

One way to avoid these messages is to filter the log entries since GemFire 8 and later uses Log4j as the logging framework. Please refer to the GemFire documentation that explains how to use your own log4j configuration.

For log filtering, the Apache log4j project has a lot of documentation but there is also a Pivotal KB article on filtering for starters.

Change the default 50.000 retries

It is also possible to change the how many retry attempts are made before the locator gives up. This value can be changed by adding a parameter to your locator start-up. In this example setting the retries to 100:



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