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Missing Bosh Director Error while Installing Ops Manager Elastic Runtime and Other Tiles


Ops Manager versions 1.12.0 and above


After clicking "Apply Changes" in Ops Manager, you are presented with the error: 

Director One of your products requires a deployed director.  
Please deploy your bosh director, then deploy your products



This is a known bug between Ops Manager 1.12 and any tile that uses the (( director_ip )) accessor in the tile's configuration. This is an internal issue between Ops Manager and tile authors.  It's not caused by any specific user configuration.


Customers can workaround this error by installing in two phases. First, install Ops Manager and click Apply Changes.  Once that completes successfully, you can proceed to install any additional tiles that are needed for the environment.

Additional Information

Pivotal Engineering is aware of this bug and working to resolve it. There is no estimate for a fix at this time.  Pivotal Support will update this KB when the fix is public and remove this message.



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