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Backup and Restore of Pivotal MySQL 1 and 2 for PWS-E


Pivotal MySQL 1 and 2 for PWS-E


PWS-E customers have access to Pivotal MySQL v1 and v2. All Pivotal MySQL service instances on PWS-E have backed up automatically; no opt-in is required. This document describes the terms and restrictions of this service.


  • Pivotal MySQL v1 and v2 attempt full backups of all PWS-E service instances at least every 8 hours.
  • Backups are retained, using industry standard cloud storage services, for a minimum of 30 days. The only exception would be due to storage service failures.
  • Restores are done on a request basis only. In order to request a restore from a backup artifact, please follow these steps:
    • File a support ticket at support.pivotal.io Include space, organization, the name of the service instance, and the specific time that the data issue occurred. For example, if a table was accidentally dropped at 08:03 PT on October 1, 2017, we’ll select the most recent backup artifact before that time.
    • Pivotal will coordinate with you on when to perform the restore. If necessary, you should perform a backup of your current data before we perform the restore.


Backups are restored in-place; they overwrite the existing service instance.

Exported and restored data are provided “AS-IS” without indemnification, support, or warranty of any kind, expressed implied. Outside of the PWS standard response time service level offering, there is no guaranteed resolution window to complete data recovery.

You may also perform manual backups of your data using the single database steps described in the Pivotal MySQL v1 documentation. The same command works for Pivotal MySQL v2 as well.


This document is provided for informational purposes only and represents Pivotal’s current offerings as of the date of issue of this document, which is subject to change without notice. Customers are responsible for making their own independent assessment of the information in this document and any use of Pivotal’s products or services, each of which is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. This document does not create any warranties, representations, contractual commitments, conditions or assurances from Pivotal, its affiliates, suppliers or licensors. The responsibilities and liabilities of Pivotal to its customers are controlled by Pivotal agreements, and this document is not part of, nor does it modify, any agreement between Pivotal and its customers.


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