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After renaming an app Splunk logs shows the old app name


PCF 1.11  -  Splunk Firehose Nozzle v1.0.0 - Splunk endpoint


After renaming an app with command "cf rename", Splunk logs still show the old app name.


There is a parameter to tweak this behavior called “APP_CACHE_INVALIDATE_TTL” in the Splunk Firehose nozzle app. By default, this parameter is set to "0s", which means the nozzle will not update the cache once deployed. 


Update the "APP_CACHE_INVALIDATE_TTL" value (ex: 60s, 60m) in the Splunk Firehose nozzle app and redeploy the app.

Note: If there is a large number of apps in the environment, use a higher TTL value to balance the increase in load.

Additional Information

See the Github page of the Cloud Foundry Open Source Community splunk-firehose-nozzle.




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