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How to Manually Force a MySQL Node to Rejoin if a Node Cannot Rejoin the Cluster for P-MySQL 1.9 and 1.10


Pivotal Cloud Foundry MySQL 1.9 and 1.10


When a node cannot rejoin the cluster automatically a PCF operator needs to manually force a MySQL node to rejoin, the procedures are explained in this article.

If your cluster is experiencing downtime or is in a degraded state, Pivotal recommends the following workflow for gathering information to diagnose the type of failure the cluster is experiencing https://docs.pivotal.io/p-mysql/1-9/troubleshooting.html#diagnosing.


This procedure removes all the data from a server node, forces it to join the cluster, and creates a new copy of the cluster data on the node. 

Note- Do not do this if there is any data on the local node that you need to preserve.

  1. Log into the node as root.
  2. Run monit stop mariadb_ctrl
  3. Run rm -rf /var/vcap/store/mysql
  4. Run /var/vcap/jobs/mysql/bin/pre-start
  5. Run monit start mariadb_ctrl



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