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CredHub for PCF 2.0 "Unable to render Instance groups" as Encryption Password must be of 20 Characters


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Ops Manager Version 2.0
  • Secure Service Instance Credentials for Pivotal Application Service (PAS) formally known as CredHub


While configuring CredHub in Ops Manager for PCF 2.0, CredHub deployment fails with the following errors:

Error: Unable to render instance groups for deployment. Errors are:
- Unable to render jobs for instance group 'credhub'. Errors are:
- Unable to render templates for job 'credhub'. Errors are:
- Error filling in template 'application.yml.erb'
(line 160: The encryption_password value must be at least 20 characters in length.
Please update and redeploy.)


The value for "Active Encryption Password Value" field is set as to less than 20 characters. Users need to type a key to use for encrypting and decrypting the values stored in the CredHub database. This key must be at least 20 characters.



Read the Configure CredHub Section from PCF 2.0 Docs. Make sure the Password is at least 20 characters.


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