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How to Upgrade from a Shared Plan to a Dedicated Plan in Elephant SQL


Pivotal Web Services (PWS)


The purpose of this article is to explain how to upgrade from a shared plan to a dedicated plan in Elephant SQL.


Since it's not possible to directly upgrade from a shared plan to a dedicated step, the following steps are necessary.

  1. Create a new service with a dedicated plan.
  2. Stop the app or apps instances and unbind the shared plan service.
  3. Do a pg_dump from the old to the new one
    pg_dump postgres://user:pass@host/db | psql postgres://user:pass@host2/newdb
    That will pipe the data from the old instance to the new one
  4. Bind the app to the new dedicated service and start the app

There is another option instead of step 3, and it's to download a backup from your old DB and upload the backup to the new DB.

Additional Information

This type of upgrade will imply some downtime since it requires the app to be stopped, so no new data is written in the old DB while and after passing the data to the new one. You should refer to the vendors documentation if you have any questions about the migration.



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