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Upgrade Single Sign-On Service Tile Resource Instance between PCF 1.12 and PCF 2.0


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) 1.12 and 2.0
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for PCF


Due to changes introduced between PCF 1.12 and PCF 2.0, SSO Service Tiles prior to the version 1.5.3 will encounter upgrade issues when upgrading PCF Elastic Runtime (ERT) 1.12 to PCF 2.0. Customers with the SSO service tile must first perform the following steps before they can upgrade to Pivotal Application Service 2.0.

Error message:

Deploy fails with message:

Cannot generate manifest for product Single Sign-On: Error in (( ..cf.push-apps-manager.any_instances ? ..cf.push-apps-manager.square_logo.value : ..cf.properties.push_apps_manager_square_logo.value )): unknown property "square_logo" (Product "Single Sign-On" / Job: nil)
Stop and fix errors


1. Upgrade SSO Service Tile to version 1.5.3 or higher on PCF ERT 1.12.

2. Check your configurations for the Apps Manager Errand resource setting in Ops Manager. Go to the PCF 1.12 Elastic Runtime tile, Resource Config tab, and find the Apps Manager Errand.


If it says, “Automatic: 1”, you can skip to the step 5 to complete your PCF 2.0 upgrade.


If it is set to any other value than that, continue with steps 3 and 4 to set the value using the OM tool. Alternatively, you can also utilize OpsManager APIs directly.


3. Follow instructions here to install the om tool. It can be downloaded from https://github.com/pivotal-cf/om/releases.

4. Run the following command targeting your OpsManager instance with your OpsManager username and password:

om --target pcf.example.com --username my-user --password my-password configure-product --product-name cf --product-resources '{"push-apps-manager": { "instances": "automatic" }}

To use the om tool on Windows Powershell with the latest om release, you’ll have to use the command a little differently.

.\om-windows --% --target pcf.example.com -u my-user -p my-password -k configure-product --product-name cf --product-resources "{\"push_apps_manager\": {\"instances\": \"automatic\"}}"

5. Upgrade the PCF ERT 1.12 to PCF PAS 2.0 following the regular upgrade instructions.

Warning- Please make sure that you upgrade Ops Manager first before upgrading ERT/PAS. OpsManager 2.0 is required for the upgrade of PCF ERT 1.12 to PCF PAS 2.0 with the SSO 1.5.3 tile installed.

6. If you are still getting error "Cannot generate manifest for product Single Sign-On: ... unknown property "square_logo" even after performing above steps, then also upgrade SSO tile to 1.6.0. SSO 1.6.0 requires PAS tile being at version 2.0.x or higher, so ensure that PAS is at this version when updating SSO tile.





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