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List of Pivotal Cloud Foundry® services offered

The following four Pivotal CLOUD FOUNDRY (PCF) services support your enterprise requirements for automatic application binding and service provisioning:

  • Pivotal HD Service – Build, manage and scale Hadoop as a natively integrated PCF Service. Via the Service Broker, applications can bind to this service automatically assigning capacity in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), a database in HAWQ, and a resource queue in YARN. This reduces development cycle time by eliminating common Hadoop development complexities around deployment, security, networking and resource management.
  • Pivotal AX Service – Offer a self-service analytics environment to your teams responsible for the creation, collection, storage, querying and visualization of data. Lower the barriers of entry to analyze PCF deployed applications and relevant supporting data to discover and communicate meaningful patterns that affect profitability and future product direction. Pivotal AX service is on-premises analytics software that is purpose built on Pivotal HD and deploys and scales as a Cloud Foundry Service.
  • Pivotal RabbitMQ Service – Increase application speed, scalability and reliability by delivering asynchronous messaging to applications. A message broker for applications running on PCF, RabbitMQ Service applications can integrate with other PCF applications and with applications outside PCF using the service broker.
  • Pivotal MySQL Service – Provision multi-tenant, single instance MySQL databases suitable for rapid application development and testing.


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