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Tips for upgrading GPText

Upgrade Path:

GPText can NOT be upgraded from to 1.1.x.x, so that we need to delete and re-install latest version of GPText binary and recreate all GPText indexes from scratch.

GPText can be upgraded from 1.1.x.x to, and then to

How to:
Take upgrading from to for example.
Here are 2 scenarios:

1.  New binary( is not installed before upgrading.

Make sure current GPText 1.1.0.x is running well.

Copy the GPText binary to /usr/local, and chmod 755 using root user.
[root@mdw local]# chmod 755 greenplum-text-

su to gpadmin user and source the GPText 1.1.0.x env.
[root@mdw local]# su - gpadmin
[gpadmin@mdw ~]$ source /usr/local/greenplum-text-

Install&Upgrade to GPText
[gpadmin@mdw local]$ bash greenplum-text-
Do you want to run upgrade now? [yes|no] yes

Change env to GPText in bash profile.(eg,.bash_rc)
[gpadmin@mdw local]$ source /usr/local/greenplum-text-
[gpadmin@mdw local]$ gptext-state

2.  New binary is installed already before upgrading.

Following above example, assume that we have already installed GPText binary without upgrading.
[gpadmin@mdw local]$ bash greenplum-text-
Do you want to run upgrade now? [yes|no] no

Under old GPText env(1.1.0.x), run gptext-migrator script in GPText binary.
source /usr/local/greenplum-text-
[gpadmin@mdw ~]$ /usr/local/greenplum-text- -f /usr/local/greenplum-text-

Finally change environment variables to GPText in bash profile.(eg,.bash_rc)


If any errors shows during upgrade, we could use the 2nd way to separate the installation part with upgrade part. So that we can use "-v" option of gptext-migrator to print more debug information.

There are many steps involved during upgrade, below yaml file contains what each step does:


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