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Auto_failover setup through dca_setup failing on a DCA v2


Auto_Failover cannot be enabled using dca_Setup on a DCA v2


When trying to enable the auto failover in dca_setup this is not working due to issues with the chkconfig for dbwatcherd. When selecting Option 19 to enable auto failover using dca_Setup it will give the following error message:

** Running Prerequisite Checks **
Testing root Connectivity for hosts smdw
root Connectivity Test Complete

Enable DB Watcher Action: Checking the Prerequisites for Enable DB Watcher Action

** Running Actions **
Enable DB Watcher Action: Starting to run Enable DB Watcher Action

ERROR: Enable DB Watcher Action: verify: DB watcher still not enabled in chkconfig


When setting automatic failover through dca_setup and if using a different locale than en_US.utf8, then the above error will be given. This issue has been identified as a bug on DCA v2 in IOS v2.0.0 to v2.0.1.0 This issue is fixed in DCA . The customer will need to upgrade the DCA ISO to version or higher to be able to setup auto_failover with dca_setup.


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