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MoreVRP service can not start because license key is invalid


1. PivotalVRP is showing empty content.

2. On PivotalVRP server, "MoreVRP Glassfish service" is started but "MoreVRP" service is not started.

3. Runtimelog.log under MoreDB directory on the PivotalVRP server shows below error:

INFO  21/04/2014 09:30:08 [4] MainService::OnStart() - MoreVRP V6.0.0.7 Starting Up
INFO  21/04/2014 09:30:08 [4] MainService::OnStart() - Checking Watchdog Process
INFO  21/04/2014 09:30:08 [4] MainService::OnStart() - Getting Operands
INFO  21/04/2014 09:30:08 [4] MainService::OnStart() - Identified OS Version string: 6.1
INFO  21/04/2014 09:30:08 [4] MainService::OnStart() - File: C:\Program Files\MoreDB\MoreDB.key
ERROR 21/04/2014 09:30:08 [4] MainService::OnStart() - Use the following key to register MoreVRP: 

Note: in above sample error message, "xxxxxx..." stands for the current key in use.

Root Cause:

The key has become invalid due to many possible reasons, eg. Network card change, MAC address change, etc.

If the key is temporary key and expires, the Runtimelog.log will show the following line:

INFO  21/03/2014 20:17:19 [451] ::() - MoreVRP V6.0.0.7 - Demo valid until - 20/04/2014


1. Contact Pivotal Support to get either a temporary key which is only valid for 30 days for urgent scenarios, or a permanent key from support@morevrp.com .

2. Stop below services in sequential:

MoreDB WatchDog service
MoreVRP Glassfish service

2. Replace the file MoreDB.key file in MoreDB directory. For example, 

C:\Program Files\MoreDB\MoreDB.key 

3. Start below services in sequential:

MoreVRP Glassfish service
(wait for 1 minute and make sure CPU utilization drops to 0% from task manager)
MoreDB WatchDog service MoreVRP Service




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    Paul Avetoom

    This doesn't explain how to get a updated key once a change is made?
    Also what happens when the key becomes invalid and support has ended in April 2016?

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