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gpdbrestore gp_restore Fails with "gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated"


Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB)


When you attempt to restore a dump file using gp_restore or using gpdbrestore you can encounter the below error message.

gp_restore_status_0_116_20140110113841:gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated


As indicated by the error message the issue is reported by the gzip utility which says that it had trouble gunzip'ing the content on the zip file or the file is not in a readable format. in short, the file is corrupted. So, as Greenplum restore utility uses gzip tool to read the content from the zipped file, restore would also fail.


In the gzip official website , they have the program to fix CR (carriage return) bytes called "fixgz" , Try using the program on the corrupted gzip file using the steps mention on their website or using the steps below.

# wget http://www.gzip.org/fixgz.zip
# unzip fixgz.zip
# gcc -o fixgz fixgz.c
# fixgz <corrupted_gzip_backup_file>.gz <fixed_gzip_backup_file>.gz
# gunzip <fixed_gzip_backup_file>.gz OR zless <fixed_gzip_backup_file>.gz <<-- To test the gzip works
# mv <corrupted_gzip_backup_file>.gz <corrupted_gzip_backup_file>.gz.corrupted
# mv <fixed_gzip_backup_file>.gz <corrupted_gzip_backup_file>.gz <<-- This steps is to make sure the filenames are according to gpdbrestore expected file name for restoring the backup

If after running the "fixgz" the restore still fails then create a new backup dump or use the earlier/previous dump to restore the contents to the database.


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