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Database goes into recovery mode due to "PANIC","XX000","proclock table corrupted (lock.c:1251)"


Greenplum: 4.2.5.x and below


Queries fails and database goes into recovery , the reason for the failue as per the database logs is indicated due to the below error message

dx1413805,x106257143,sx1,"PANIC","XX000","proclock table corrupted (lock.c:1251)",,,,,,,0,,"lock.c",1251,"Stack trace:
1 0xa65efa postgres  + 0xa65efa
2 0xa67fa8 postgres elog_finish + 0xb8
3 0x8dea95 postgres RemoveFromWaitQueue + 0x125
4 0x8e2b61 postgres ProcReleaseLocks + 0xd1
5 0xaac238 postgres ResourceOwnerRelease + 0x308
6 0x4f63cd postgres AbortTransaction + 0x41d
7 0x4f9935 postgres AbortCurrentTransaction + 0x25
8 0x9056aa postgres PostgresMain + 0x78a
9 0x86dd61 postgres  + 0x86dd61
10 0x874410 postgres PostmasterMain + 0x1870
11 0x779eea postgres main + 0x4da
12 0x365a01ecdd libc.so.6 __libc_start_main + 0xfd
13 0x47ab59 postgres  + 0x47ab59


This a known bug with version below 4.2.5.x, would request to upgrade to avoid the issue.


This issue is fixed in Greenplum Database 4.2.5.x. , upgrade to version later than 4.2.5.x.

Workaround is to restart the database


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