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Database goes into the Recovery Mode due to "PANIC","XX000","proclock table corrupted (lock.c:1251)"


Pivotal Greenplum Database 4.2.5.x and below


Queries fail and database goes into recovery, the reason for the failure as per the database logs is indicated due to the below error message:

dx1413805,x106257143,sx1,"PANIC","XX000","proclock table corrupted (lock.c:1251)",,,,,,,0,,"lock.c",1251,"Stack trace:
1 0xa65efa postgres  + 0xa65efa
2 0xa67fa8 postgres elog_finish + 0xb8
3 0x8dea95 postgres RemoveFromWaitQueue + 0x125
4 0x8e2b61 postgres ProcReleaseLocks + 0xd1
5 0xaac238 postgres ResourceOwnerRelease + 0x308
6 0x4f63cd postgres AbortTransaction + 0x41d
7 0x4f9935 postgres AbortCurrentTransaction + 0x25
8 0x9056aa postgres PostgresMain + 0x78a
9 0x86dd61 postgres  + 0x86dd61
10 0x874410 postgres PostmasterMain + 0x1870
11 0x779eea postgres main + 0x4da
12 0x365a01ecdd libc.so.6 __libc_start_main + 0xfd
13 0x47ab59 postgres  + 0x47ab59


This a known bug with the version below 4.2.5.x would request to upgrade to avoid the issue.


This issue is fixed in Greenplum Database 4.2.5.x. , upgrade to a version later than 4.2.5.x.


Restart the database


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