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Excessive CPU usage with Pivotal Web Server 5.0 (2010351)

Excessive CPU usage with Pivotal Web Server 5.0 (2010351)


  • One or more of the processes belonging to Pivotal Web Server 5.0 consume a large amount of CPU utilization.
  • Server response is sluggish or hangs.


This issue is likely caused by system resource exhaustion.


Determining the source of system resource exhaustion can be difficult. Possible issues include: 
  • A system resource shortage that is created by httpd and should be indicated by errors in error.log file. Possible issues include no free disk space, no available system memory, or a lack of processor time due to a few threads using all available processor resources.
    • These issues can be caused by improperly coded scripts or CGIs.
    • They may also be caused by a Denial of Service Attack. Check the amount of network traffic to and from the server to observe for any type of network attack.

  • Competition with other processes on the system for system resources that results in a shortage of those resources.
    • Competition for semaphores is the most likely issue.You must ensure that your operating system kernel is tuned properly. Contact your operating system vendor for more details. If this does not help, look at other applications that are using semaphores and tune them appropriately. 
    • Another common issue is other processes not closing sockets properly once they are not in use. You must troubleshoot those processes to determine the cause of the problem.
    • You may also need to split one server's functions over several other servers to remove any bottlenecks found on the server.
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