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Running Pivotal Web Server 5.x as non-root user (2010416)

Running Pivotal Web Server as non-root user (2010416)


This article provides information on:
  • options available for running httpd as a non-root user.
  • possible issues such a configuration may create.


Pivotal Web Server product is designed to run as the root user. There are three conditions that must be met to allow PWS to run as a non-root user. 

Warning: Pivotal does not recommend running PWS as a non-root user.

  1. All ports used by httpd must be above port 1024. You will not be able to listen on port 80, the default port. 
  2. The non-root user must have write access to the directories in which httpd is expected to write data, including temporary files and log files.
  3. All start-up scripts need execute permissions for the non-root user.
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