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Writing a support request for vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS) (2003507)

Writing a support request for vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS) (2003507)


This article is intended to supplement Writing a great support request for vFabric/SpringSource products (1037412) for the specific case of an ERS support request. Use this information to help resolve your support request as quickly as possible, or to possibly self-diagnose the issue yourself.


These are the most important bits of information required for support requests: :

The essentials

  • Full configuration and logs for all server instances
  • A list of any customizations to your installation (other than configuration files) 
  • The server version your instance is using (For example, Apache httpd 2.2.17 or Tomcat 6.0.32)

Often requested

  • A description of the server environment, including (if present):
    • proxy servers
    • load balancers
    • firewalls
    • clustering with other instances
    • network storage used
    • database usage
    • anything else unusual
  • Description of usage:
    • purpose of the system
    • typical traffic (requests/second, bandwidth usage)
    • traffic patterns (usage spikes, user patterns)


  • OS version
    • (Unix/Linux) the output of "uname -a"
    • (Windows) Windows version and update level
  • Filesystem layout for the system
    • (Unix/Linux) the output of "df"
    • Any network storage on the system


  • Version of the JVM used with Tomcat - the output of "java -version"
  • For problems specific to an application under Tomcat, include the complete project source code (or an example project that can be used to reproduce the problem), and instructions for building. 

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