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Hyperic discovery of vFabric Web Server mod_bmx management framework fails


After deploying the vFabric Web Server plugin (vfws-plugin) for Hyperic Server 4.6.6 or later, you experience these symptoms:

  • Initial auto discovery completes, but the plugin does not work
  • There are no Web Server instances discovered
  • In the Hyperic agent.log file, located at agent-dir/log, you see the error:

    [getServers] Found potential VFWS process however was unable to determine URL of mod_bmx
    [getServers] Make sure -d is specified on command line and that proxying or redirecting isn't including /bmx s

  • You have confirmed that mod_bmx is enabled in target Web Server instances

    Note: mod_bmx is enabled by default.  


This issue may occur due to one of these reasons:

  • The Web Server instance is configured as a proxy to another server
  • Redirection is configured for the Web Server

To verify if the /bmx directory is accessible, run this command from a console session on the Agent using the same account that is used to run the Agent:

curl http://localhost:80/bmx

You should see an output similar to:

Name: mod_bmx_status:Name=ServerStatus,Type=Normal
ServerName: localhost
ServerVersion: Apache/ (Unix) vFabric/5.1.1 vFabricLicense/5.1.1 mod_ssl/ OpenSSL/1.0.1c-fips DAV/2 mod_bmx/0.9.4
ServerBuilt: Jul 11 2012 19:25:39
CurrentTime: Monday, 14-Jan-2013 16:58:33 EST
RestartTime: Monday, 14-Jan-2013 16:58:17 EST
ParentServerGeneration: 0
ServerUptimeSeconds: 16

However, if you receive an error instead of a similar output, you may be experiencing this issue.


To resolve this issue, add the proxy configuration considerations for the /bmx directory path.

For an Apache Proxy Server, a ProxyPass Directive can be added to exclude the /bmx directory. This directive is located prior to the host ProxyPass directive, as excludes must be processed before the general ProxyPass directives.

For example, the ProxyPass statement to exclude the /bmx directory should be similar to:

ProxyPass /bmx !
ProxyPass / http://myserver

Additional Information

For more information, see Configure BMX for Monitoring vFabric Web Server Instances.

For more information on the vFabric Web Server plugin, see the vFabric Web Server documentation

For more information on the recommended Apache Proxy settings, see ProxyPass Directive.

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