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VMware vFabric tc Server Application Deployment status message reports on current status

This article provides information on a known issue in the title of the tc Server Application Deployment status message which may cause confusion.


The Application Deployment page for tc Server in VMware vFabric Hyperic displays a status message at the top of the page. The title of this section indicates the status is for the previous action. However, it is displaying the current status. This can cause confusion if, for example, a vFabric Hyperic Administrator runs a stop command on the tc Server, then navigates to the Application Deployment page. The current status of the tc Server shows that it is unreachable as it is now stopped. The vFabric Hyperic Administrator may think that the stop action failed, which is not the case.


This is a known issue affecting VMware vFabric tc Server.

Ensure you are aware that the status section of the Application Deployment page may show the current status of the tc Server, not the status of the previous action.



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