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Verifying the current version of vFabric tc Server (2000592)

This article provides the steps to determine the installed version of the vFabric tomcat (tc) Server.
When SpringSource tc Server is installed onto a server and many individual tc Server instances are created. It is not always immediately clear which specific version of the software is being used by a tc Server instance.
There are three easy ways to obtain the version information for a given tc Server instance. To determine the version, perform one of these options:
  • On a command line, enter the tc Server instance's directory. Then run this command:

    ./bin/tcruntime-ctl.sh status

    This command prints these information:
    • Instance Name
    • Script Directory
    • tc Runtime Location
    • Instance Base
    • Binary Directory
    • Runtime Version
    • Script Version
    • Process Status
For example:
INFO Derived instance name: instance1
INFO Executing /srv/tcServer/tcruntime-ctl.sh
INFO Instance name: instance1
INFO Script directory: /srv/tcServer/
INFO tc Runtime location:/srv/tcServer/
INFO Instance base: /srv/tcServer/instances/
INFO Binary dir: /srv/tcServer/tomcat-7.0.12.A.RELEASE
INFO Runtime version: 7.0.12.A.RELEASE
INFO Script version: 2.5.0.RELEASE
  • The specific tc Server runtime version can also be obtained by looking at the conf/tomcat.version file. There are two caveats with this approach:
    • The conf/tomcat.version file may not exist. When the file does not exist, the most up-to-date runtime version installed with tc Server is be used.
    • This file only contains the specific tcServer runtime version being used by the instance and does not list all of the information that is available by using the first method, mentioned above.

  • Note that tcServer_home/tomcat-x.x.x.x/bin/version.sh can be use to get tc Server version info etc.
  • Retrieve the server information at runtime.
This is done by calling the org.apache.catalina.util.ServerInfo's getServerInfo(), getServerBuilt() and getServerNumber() functions:
  • The getServerInfo() function returns a String which represents the version.

    The output looks similar to:

    SpringSource tc Runtime 2.5.0.RELEASE/7.0.12.A.RELEASE
  • The getServerBuilt() function returns a String which represents the server build date.

    The output looks similar to:

    Apr 21 2011 08:16:35
  • The getServerNumber() function returns a String which represents the server's version number.

    The output looks similar to

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